Geaux Jobs Workforce Board

Regional Workforce Development Plan - Mid Year Update
The Plan will be posted for public comment for 30 days (ending on April 25,2023).
Any comments or questions can be directed to
here to review the plan.

Local Workforce Development Board for Area 20

Geaux Jobs Board of Directors

Serving Ascension, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, Tangipahoa, St. Helena, Washington, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana Parishes. Geaux Jobs is an integral part of Local Workforce Development Area Twenty (LWDA 20). The Local Workforce Development Board for Area 20 (LWDB) represents various individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the local area.

Glanda Shaheen
Ronald (Blue) LeBlanc
Jason Dedon

Private Sector

Our board comprises 51% of private sector members nominated either by a business organization, Economic Development Agency, Chamber of Commerce. Private sector members may represent high-demand industries such as technology, healthcare, insurance, construction, financial education, transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc. The Board must be chaired by a private sector member.


Mack C. Hurst
Hurst Construction

Glenda Shaheen - Chairperson
GSA Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Alana Chatelain
Our Lady of Angels Hospital

Michael Thornhill

Sadie Mannino Bennnett
Mannnino's Pharmacy

Jon Craft
Anvil Attachments

Mike DiVincenti
XPO - Eagle Warehouse

Lucinda Liuzza
Berrytown Produce

Jaye Callura
Smitty's Supply

Ronald LeBlanc - Vice-Chairperson
Dow Chemical

Lisa Dugas
M & S Electrical Contractors

Russchelle Overhultz

Oil Refinery

Public Sector

49% of our Board is from the Public Sector. Members are nominated by their respective agencies such as Education, Labor, Office of Family Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Economic Development. Public sector members represent labor union & apprenticeship, education, veterans, community-based organizations, vocational rehabilitation, etc. 

The LWDB serves as a strategic convener to promote and broker effective relationships between the Chief Elected Official, Economic Development, Education and Workforce partners.

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) presents an extraordinary opportunity to improve job and career options for our nation’s workers and job seekers through an integrated, job-driven public workforce system that links diverse talent to business. The local Workforce Development Board (LWBD) of Area 20 (LWDA 20) supports the development of strong, vibrant regional economics where businesses thrive and people want to live and work.

Local Workforce Development Area 20, along with core partners through one-stop centers, directly provides an array of employment services and connects customers to work-related training and education. Services can be accessed directly in our Geaux Jobs Centers or online.

The Workforce Development Board is an Equal Opportunity Employer Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities and for individuals lacking English proficiency upon request.


Joseph Ardoin
Labor Union 1098

Jason Dedon
Labor Union 995

Anthony Howell
Labor Union 37

Ronnie Rosser
Labor Union 60 - Apprenticeship

Craig Kaiser
Labor Union 406 - Apprenticeship

William Wainwright
Northshore Community Colleges Higher Ed

Errick Baldwin
Adult Education

Torri Buckles
LA Workforce Commission

Megan Warde

Ismary McLemore
Vocational Rehabilitation

Jo Hano
Child Welfare