National Emergency Grant (NEG)

Access employment through the National Emergency Grant.

What is the NEG?

Were you subject to a layoff due to an unexpected issue? You may be eligible for assistance. The government awards National Emergency Grants (NEGs) to temporarily provide time-limited funding assistance in response to significant dislocation events. Significant events are those that create a sudden need for assistance that cannot reasonably be expected to be accommodated.

Reimbursement Opportunities

At Geaux Jobs, we provide access to the National Emergency Grant (NEG) Temporary Worksite program. This program is designed to provide work experiences for dislocated workers. Through the NEG, Geaux Jobs offers employer reimbursements of up to 100% for employing qualifying individuals.

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Find Employment through the NEG

Individually Focused

We work with each applicant individually to help determine their specific needs. NEG Jobs can be between 20-40 hours per week, up to 1040 hours. The job duration varies based on the program participant’s employment goals, background, and skill level. If you’re interested in the program, contact us today. Our trained case managers are always happy to help you access the various resources we offer to employees and employers alike. 

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