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Post your company's open positions on our online job board. This business owner resource helps you find great candidates for your job opportunity. 

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If you’re looking for the perfect candidate for your open position, we can help. We provide a variety of resources for small business owners. Our team at Geaux Jobs helps employers find their next go-to employee. Contact our team at the center nearest to you.

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Our events provide an opportunity to network with potential employees or employers. 

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Labor Market Information at O*NET OnLine.

At Geaux Jobs, we can help Louisiana employers find out more about local and national economic activity, occupational forecasting, wage trends, and more. If you’re looking for a specific salary to fit your means, ONET can help you learn more about how much your occupation might get paid.

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Employer Based Training 

On-The-Job Training

Employer-Based Training (EBT) Programs are a valuable resource for small business owners. EBT creates employment opportunities for individuals needing additional job training while giving them the opportunity to learn the skills associated with a specific job. On-The-Job (OJT) workshops and training are available in all types of industries.

We partner business and industries with training providers to assist in the skill development of existing employees.

OJT opportunities are provided for individuals with all levels of experience across many fields of work.

Cup of Coffee
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Notebooks and Office Supplies

OnSite Interviewing Location 

Providing The Space You Need

If you need a conference room to hold a meeting or need a space to hold an interview, we have conference rooms available by appointment. We also provide access to high-speed internet, computers, fax and copy machines, and other resources. We know how busy your life is as an employer and business owner. Make it simpler by using the free resources we have available for your use.

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