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If you're looking for a career or evaluating your future financial options, this is a valuable tool to determine choices for you.

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Career Development 

We're Here to Help Get Your Career Started

Geaux Jobs can help you update and review your résumé, discover your strengths, define your objectives, and gain skills for your career. Invest in yourself by investing your time in career development. Learn about in-demand jobs, explore training programs, education, and scholarships.

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Career Counseling

On-The-Job Training

Counseling services are available for people at any place in their career. Whether you are just launching a career, considering a career change, or have recently been laid off, Geaux Jobs has resources available to assist you.

OJT opportunities are provided for individuals with all levels of experience across many fields of work.

Labor Market Information at O*NET OnLine.

At Geaux Jobs, we can help Louisiana job seekers find out more about local and national economic activity, occupational forecasting, wage trends, and more. If you’re looking for a specific salary to fit your lifestyle, ONET can help you learn more about how much your occupation might get paid.

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All the Help You're Looking For, in One Place

Need access to a computer or high-speed internet to check job openings, create and email your resumes to employers, and/or take aptitude tests? What about access to training opportunities? We have computers, copiers, printers, and fax machines for your job-related needs as well as a wide variety of educational options.

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Upcoming Events

Geaux Jobs provides a variety of events throughout the year to help individuals prepare for their career, network, access resources for their businesses, and much more.

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